Mystic Revealers – Young Revolutionaires [Official Album Audio]

Published on December th, 2014

Mystic Revealers new album of hits titled, “Crucial Cuts” is released through VP Records.

Protecting the tradition of reggae’s rich heritage, Mystic Revealers formed in Bull Bay, Jamaica during the 1970s. After a nearly 15 year hiatus, the “fathers of the Reggae Revival” movement have returned with the four original members still with the band: Billy Wilmot (guitar, vocals), Nicholas Henry (drums), Steve Davis (vocals, lead guitar) and Leroy Edwards (bass).

Crucial Cuts gathers key tracks from the band’s catalog, including “Young Revolutionaries”; “Rasta Man”; “I’m Gonna Tell Ya” featuring Anthony B; and the Sizzla collaboration “Tell Them.” In a nod to their other passions, the cover depicts founding members Wilmot, Edwards and Henry on surfboards and jetskis.

Three decades after their earliest single releases, the band’s message remains exactly the same as it did when Wilmot, Edwards, Henry and Davis first came together near the shores of Bull Bay.

“We are like a postman sending a letter,” Wilmot says. “We might not be the ones who wrote the letter, even though the songs are ours. The messages being transmitted are messages from the Almighty—messages of love, messages of honor, messages of truth, messages of justice, messages of unity.”

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